S. P. (blk_psyko) wrote,
S. P.

Massive WTB!

I'm a UK size 6/8. About 32in - 24in.
I'm open to most colours, though I love black, blue, cream, mint, lilac and classic prints most. NO PINK PLEASE!
I also really like underbust JSK's or high waisted skirts. Border prints, music prints, velvet, flocked/damask prints and scalloped edges also make me happy! I'm not too into OTT sweet prints.
I'm not looking to commission at the moment. I welcome well made replicas or off brand. Please give prices including shipping to the UK.
I realize that not all pictures are stock pics but I really can't find the stocks for some of them ;_;. If you see your picture here and really don't want it up, please let me know and I'll take it down. Or if you have a stock pic of an item please feel free to share it.
Feel free to PM me offers or comment in the post.
EU sellers strongly prefered!

Innocent World


I want them in these colours only. Please help me find them! I strongly prefer the JSK's over the skirts.
I know some of them are still on the website but I wanted to try my luck here to see if there's anyone willing to let theirs go.


Angelic Pretty

Mint classic/country/sweet items


I know it's a picture of the JSK but I'd prefer the skirt for Mew Crown Ribbon.
Also looking for:
Fairy Kei Petticoats
Bodyline Soft Cream in Mint
Chocomint Yellow, blu/pnk fluffy star clips
Kodona sets
Punk or Lolita Salopettes/overalls/rompers

Tags: fashion, wishlist

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